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Tucker Carlson, Free Speech and Equality

It has been amusing watching how the media has reacted to Tucker Carlson’s comments on Fox News that Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vic should have been executed for the crimes of killing dogs to which he confessed. Where is PETA on this one?  Tucker Carlson is one of the most thoughtful people in the media today. His comments are well rationed and often composed to illicit a reaction. Yet the media has been quick to condemn Carlson and defend the President for praising an admitted dog killer. I won’t even begin to compare this to some of the things the host of GEDNC’s Countdown has uttered over the years. Again, it seems the first amendment only applies to the left, and the principled convictions of left wing groups like PETA don’t extend to the actions of a President who occupies their side of the political spectrum.

Let me say up front, like all Americans I believe in redemption for those who have failed to live up to societies norms. Yet Michael Vick has only done that which was needed to restore his professional status. His admission to killing dogs was part of a plea deal which helped him avoid an even longer incarceration which almost certainly would have ended his career. His actions subsequent to his release have been crafter to restore his reputation. Such is his right. It is also the right of others in society to question if that deal ever should have been made and if it reflects true justice. Not all animal lovers are on the left. Personally, I will never watch ANY broadcast in which Michael Vick may appear. That is MY right. While I don’t go as far as Tucker in believing that Vick’s offence achieved the standard of a capital one, I believe he received the preferential treatment so many celebrities receive from the justice system. It seems if you can throw a spiral, sink a three pointer, or strike a pose on the red carpet, you get breaks of which average offender can only dream. Where is the liberal indignation over this injustice?

However, Tucker’s comments were specifically focused on the President of the United States (yes Barak Obama is MY President too) picking up the phone and thanking the owner of the Eagles for hiring Vick. It seems that Obama still doesn’t realize that he is no longer a private citizen. By making such a call he is extending the praise of the American people. Praise for hiring the admitted killer of dogs in a way that is beyond belief. While I don’t agree Mr. Vick should have been given the ultimate penalty, I do believe he should be making license plates and not being praised for the fact he happens to throw great passes. By making that call President Obama has given the blessing of the Presidency to special treatment of celebrities which is one of the most visible and offensive blemishes on the American Judicial system. Instead of Liberal free speech we see Liberal hypocrisy.

So the Leftist voices in the media howl, the supporters of the President praise his belief in the ability an individual of great and special talent to redeem himself. Redemption for Vick would have been to have NOT gone back to the NFL when his suspension was over and to have taken a minimum wage job in an animal shelter voluntarily giving back to the true victims of his crime. Instead he gets presidential praise for simply abiding by the terms of the plea agreement his lawyer cut. And for that he gets presidential praise? Shame on you Mister President. As for Tucker Carlson, he is entitled to the same rights of free speech of any American. For this remark this one American says well done, someone had to stand up for the victims of this crime who cannot speak for themselves; the leftists clearly will not.


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The Executive Office of the Grim Reaper: The Sequel

Given how much our friends on the left love the Hollywood crowd, it should be no surprise that they would adopt one of their favorite tools, the sequel. This weekend we see the Obama Administration beginning to implement by way of administrative action that which they failed to achieve by legislative.  Over the Christmas holiday while the President had left Washington to join his family in Hawaii, the New York Times Reported (December 25, 2010) that Medicare would enact a regulation, effective January 1st 2011 that would provide for “end of life planning”. This is the concept that they attempted to include in the health care reform act last year which, after being dubbed “Death Panels” became the sing most controversial portion of the debate and which in the end had no support at all in congress, at least publically. So now the President will put into place through the back door that which he failed to get through the front.

Like so much the left proposes, End of Life Counseling has a very reasonable sound. The idea that an individual should discuss their wishes in advance with their physician and with their next of Kin is a very reasonable and indeed needed event. Less than a month ago my mother passed away and I found myself in the position of having to make certain decisions about what treatments she should be subjected to at the point where the chances of recovery were slim. Fortunately she and I had discussed her wished on a number of occasions and she has prepared a medical power of attorney which clearly assigned the responsibility to me. The doctor and I discussed her situation and the only other person I consulted was my wife, a Respiratory Therapist. No amount of preparation can prepare you for that moment, but in the end it was a family choice made with her physician.  I can think of no other situation, with the possible exception of the bedroom where the state has no role to play. Well apparently Barak Obama thinks the government has some good advice.

So why does the left want to get involved with end of life issues so bad? The answer is very basic; cutting spending on end of life care is the pot of gold that they need to fund their dream of socialized medicine for all. Additionally it is characteristic of the intellectual left’s view that the bureaucratic brain trusts they establish know better than the individuals whose lives they seek to intrude upon. They reason that the money spent on the last days of life can be better spent on their other pet projects. So they will begin to prepare guidelines as to how families should be counseled. However, the complication with end of life decisions is that rarely is it totally clear that you are at the end of a life. Yes, in some cased it may be obvious, or the use of “extraordinary measures” counter to the individuals wishes that a choice may be clear. But in most cases it is a much more complex decision, with multiple factors to consider and uncertain outcomes. It is not obvious in advance that death is indeed near.  This is where the family and the doctors directly involved with the case of the loved one are the only relevant decision makes. I can think of no more clear decision where government adds nothing to the situation, of insurance companies for that matter. On this I believe the vast majority of the American people agree, decisions on end of life health care are to be between the patient, their families and their doctors.

The next step in this process for the left are to “simplify choice’ by limiting the treatment options for the soon to be dead. With this decision we have begun yet another step in the establishment of a dominate role for the state in health care decisions.  The goal of the left, for the most part unstated, is to have decisions regarding health care made by those obviously more able to make good decisions, the government bureaucrats who are familiar with the issues. If those apparatchiks simply can make the populace understand the issues, there is no doubt they will agree. That was the Democrats entire logic regarding Health Care Reform: If we pass it they will ultimately agree. We see the same intellectual arrogance with this policy taking effect this week. Yet as the New York Times points out, the left are advising their supporters not to publically celebrate this “victory”, lest the American people react to it, before realizing the wisdom of the administration.

No other single action of the Obama administration had as much effect on the outcome of the November 2 election as Heath Care Reform.  The president would do best to listen to the American People and work with the Republicans to Reform the Reform of Health Care. If that does not happen, the GOP must act to stop this administrative action. The only tools that can have this affect is to explicitly prohibit the expenditure of ANY funds for any measure not expressly approved by congress. If the president prevents such controls by way of veto, they Republicans must defund the bureaucrats plotting these intrusions. If we allow this form of intrusive creep into the private decisions of the American people, it is almost inevitable that we will end up with a socialist health care system as our friends in Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union now have. Once we get to that point, reversing course will be almost imposable, a fact the left seems to be counting on now they cannot win the debate directly with the American people. This quite literally is a fight over life and death.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas….

While this corner of the net is less than a week old, I want to extend my very best to each and every one of you who have found your way here. It is my hope that your Christmas will be spent with loved ones who make it special. Each and every Christmas is memories in the making and I hope yours are truly amazing. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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The Duck That Was Not So Lame.

The 111st Congress is finally history, having adjourned for the holidays and to be replaced by the 112th Congress on January 3rd of the New Year. Some of us felt that the 111th was done  after the voters delivered their verdict on its record with one of the largest electoral defeats in the last century. Instead the so called Lame Duck proved it still had some mojo. But the Republicans would of course stop this rush to legislative success by running the clock out until the new congress could consider these measures in light of the people’s will as expressed at the polls. Yet it seems that the GOP rather than be emboldened by its electoral success, seemed to have put on it’s “let’s play ball” hat and worked with the defeated Democrats to pull out a number of controversial victories.

First we had the extension of the Bush Era Tax Cuts, an extension most republicans and a significant number of Democrats favored. Raising taxes (yes it would have been the second largest tax increase in American history, after the largest being the Obama Health Care Bill) during a period of weak economic growth and a potential double dip recession would have been idiotic. The American people expressed their view on this on November 2. President Obama showed little resolve for a fight and even his own economic team signaled he would support an extension rather than see the rates increase. Yet with victory at hand, Republican leaders left the White House with a deal that gave the president more questionable tax cuts that he desired than the total effect of extending the Bush tax cuts with not offsetting spending cuts. This is made worse when one of those cuts was a reduction of the payroll tax by 2 points for two year despite the fact the Social Security System is headed for bankruptcy within 20 years. On top of that they GOP accepted just a 2 year extension which means they now expire Jan 1 2013, before the next President and congress can take over and make these rates permanent. The real benefit of rate reductions is that investors can make additional investments with the certainty of a certain tax rate. Here any sane investor must assume rates will go up January 1, 2013 so the effects of the extension are significantly decreased. My faith that the GOP got the message of November 2 was seriously shaken.

Then we move onto the “its liberal Christmas before Christmas” (and I did not think liberals believed in Christmas!) flood of legislation. As a Real Conservative with a strong Libertarian streak, I may well have supported the repeal of Don’t Ask don’t Tell which was on its face an idiotic rule, as most Republicans argued in 1993 when it was adopted (either ban Gays or allow them, but DADT was stick your head in the sand and ignore it). However, such a measure was of no time sensitive priority and should have been considered by the newly elected congress, not one repudiated by the voters. The START II treaty had been floating around Washington for months and in no way could not have waited until the 112th convened in the New Year. Thank God the GOP and a number of Democratic Senators who are feeling the voters’ anger growing as 2012 approaches prevented the so called DREAM Act from proceeding and thus creating a massive immigration amnesty. It seems the GOP leadership was so busy celebrating their victory and trying to convince the liberal media that they were in fact bipartisan legislators who could work with the Leftists in congress. They forget the voters rewarded the “Party of No” with a massive victory. Sometimes NO is just the right thing to say, at least if you’re not a liberal.

The liberal media has declared the President has his Mojo back, and to be honest I don’t care how they spin it. I do hope that over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays the GOP leaders find a back bone under the tree.  I have been a solid defender of conservatives uniting under the Republican Party and will continue to argue that that is the only way the right can avoid handing power to the Left. However the GOP leaders had better understand that many of their supporters have no such commitment and are ready to bolt if they sense the GOP has forgotten its conservative roots and commitments. Maybe they will eat a little Glazed Duck for Christmas Dinner.

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Can a Fat Guy with a Southern Drawl Win the Presidency in 2012?

As Christmas approaches, the minds of all conservative political junkies move to visions of a Republican taking the oath of office on January 20th, 2013. And with the New Hampshire primary just 13 months away, it’s time to start the Presidential beauty contest. To those who love the art of politics, one of the biggest questions looming over the 2012 race is can a fat guy with a southern drawl win the presidency?  Behind that question sits one of the most formidable contenders in the Republican field, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

His resume is may be the most impressive of the expansive field of GOP contenders in 2012. After serving as a political aid in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses, Barbour was the chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1997, the period that saw GOP majorities take control of congress for the first time in more than half a century. His sense of politics may be as keen as any conservative in the country.

As Governor of Mississippi since 2004 he has validated his conservative bona fides’ with an impressive record in a state which faced many challenges. In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Karina, the incompetence of the state and local response in Louisiana was in stark contrast to the disciplined and effective reaction by Barbour in Mississippi. His crisis leadership was again demonstrated this past year during the Gulf Oil Spill. Barbour, along with his Republican counterpart in Louisiana Bobby Jindal, demonstrated competence and strength of leadership that was sadly missing from the national response. After assuming the Chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association in 2009, he led the GOP to gains at the state level (and a pocket full of GOP IOU’s for Barbour) that may overshadow even the gains made in the house.

If Governor Barbour were to be the Republican nominee, the left will attack him for his years in Washington and work as a lobbyist. He would bring no geographic advantage to the ticket; Mississippi is safely a red state. However, Barbour is as solid a conservative as any in the race and when combined with this national republican leadership, his ability to unite the GOP coalition is unmatched.

Barbour brings one thing to the 2012 race in quantities unmatched by other contenders, competent leadership. Barak Obama came to the presidency 4 years out of the Illinois state senate and was propelled by a media who were enthralled with the idea of electing the first black president. Since becoming president, Obama has abdicated the defining of his agenda to the Democrats on Capitol Hill, his foreign Policy to his Secretaries of State and Defense and focused on reading speeches twice a day from the white house teleprompter. Two years of on the job training seem to have been lost on this White House. We live in very challenging times, dangerous times and what America needs is competent leadership. With this one issue a republican can win the White House and realize those visions of a republican taking the oath of office on January 20, 2013.

Yet the question remains, will voters pass over the photogenic Ken dolls, the give good speech crowd or the fools who live in the echo chamber? Haley Barbour will be mocked by the liberal elite on GEDNC (truth in ownership of MSNBC), his record trashed by the HuffyPost. There will be further proof that liberal compassion and political correctness ends at the doors of their own meeting halls. Yet after the emptiness of the preceding 4 years, the voters in 2012 may well be willing to actually do what they profess to desire, elect a president of strength and substance. While it is too early to be making picks or endorsements, Haley Barbour may be a man whose time is at hand.

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