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Happy Birthday America

While Hurricane Arthur may have pushed back much of our celebrations to the 5th (including my first July 4 expedition),  today we celebrate our liberty and the wisdom of our founding fathers for creating our republic. Our freedom was not and is not free and we remember those who gave so much over the past 238 years as well as those who today stand in harms way defending America. Hotdogs and burgers with friends and family are great, but never forget how much has been given by so many to ensure those broad stripes and bright stars fly so high today. The founders understood that a people can never take their liberty for granted and to this day we must remain vigilant to all that which would erode the rights we Americans value so much.  How would the founding fathers feel about America today? I think they would marvel at a nation that remains a work in progress and say, tis good.

May god continue to bless the United States of America and all those who stand in her defense.

Betsy Ross and the Creation of Our Flag


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Thanksgiving Wishes

As we become involved with the day to day challenges of life, we can lose sight of all we have to be grateful for in this country. We have the freedom to spend our days with family and friends without worry of intrusion. We have the freedom to pursue our dreams to the best of our abilities and enjoy the fruits of our labors. We have the freedom to stand on our soapboxes and express our beliefs without fear of persecution. We have the freedom to sit in the living room and watch football, eat far too much and not have to worry about those who would challenge our way of life because others wear a uniform and stand in harm’s way.

On this day let us give thanks for the wisdom of our founding fathers for creating a republic where freedoms never before enjoyed by any peoples have so long endured. Let us also thank those in uniform toady, and those who have worn it in the past, for the sacrifices they have made so we may enjoy this day in peace and freedom.

Happy Thanksgiving America!

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