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Why Am I a Republican?

One of the questions I am asked most often by friends on both the left and the right is why support the Republican Party? Below is my reply to that question from my perspective. You may agree or disagree which is your right as the GOP is strong enough to accommodate dissent and a variety of views; feel free to express yours with comments below.

  • The GOP believes the highest authority in our society is the individual and that government derives its power by the consent of the governed and not the other way around.
  • The heart of a great democracy is a vibrant free market economy, hindered by minimal government intrusion.
  • It is a fundamental right that each and every American has an equal right to the opportunity to pursue their goals for success to the best of their ability and to enjoy the results of their success. All Americans are equal and none should be discriminated against or advantages in any way.
  • The Republican Party supports the rights of all Americans equally, including those of the unborn.
  • The Republican Party respects the wisdom of the founding fathers as expressed in the Constitution and believe government should at all time respect and be limited by its words.
  • We believe in the right of the individual to enjoy the fruits of their labor and the property rights of the citizen be respected. Government should take by taxation only that which is absolutely necessary and the efficient management of government is of highest priority.
  • America is a republic, not an empire. It must defend itself from any foreign threats as well as support our friends and allies who live in freedom around the world. It must respect the rights of all peoples to self determination.
  • The GOP believes that those who put their lives in harm’s way in the defense of America deserve the total support of the nation while in uniform as well as in the years after their service.
  • The Republican Party believes America must lead the world through example through innovation, ingenuity, determination and a vibrant free market.
  • Republicans respect and protect the environment within which we live while balancing the needs of the economy to function without unreasonable government intrusion.
  • The GOP is strong enough in its convictions that it tolerates diverse opinions and the resultant debate within its followers.
  • The Republican Party has been home to great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

I believe that the Republican Party is the best way for those who share these values to work towards creating a better America. Individual voices can impact minds, but together we can change the world. It’s trendy of late to say America is in decline, but I must disagree for her best days are yet to come.

Please note this content is in part derived from a variety of sources and I do not claim creative ownership. It is an expression of shared views and will evolve over time.

2 thoughts on “Why Republican

  1. Cliff says:

    Minorities are routinely discriminated against- just look at the differences in the school system. If whites schools have greater investment, then they will have better results (an axiom). This is the result of the souther strategy……..that’s why your party is hated. It’s not about hand outs as your commentators keep saying until they believe their own diatribe. America is better off when the playing field is level. How are you and your party working to achieve this? I am a minority but am dead centre but could not vote repub right now as your platform is illogical in practice and highly discriminatory in behaviour. Both of which I hate.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunate I don’t think the party delivers on any of this anymore.

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