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It has been amusing watching how the media has reacted to Tucker Carlson’s comments on Fox News that Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vic should have been executed for the crimes of killing dogs to which he confessed. Where is PETA on this one?  Tucker Carlson is one of the most thoughtful people in the media today. His comments are well rationed and often composed to illicit a reaction. Yet the media has been quick to condemn Carlson and defend the President for praising an admitted dog killer. I won’t even begin to compare this to some of the things the host of GEDNC’s Countdown has uttered over the years. Again, it seems the first amendment only applies to the left, and the principled convictions of left wing groups like PETA don’t extend to the actions of a President who occupies their side of the political spectrum.

Let me say up front, like all Americans I believe in redemption for those who have failed to live up to societies norms. Yet Michael Vick has only done that which was needed to restore his professional status. His admission to killing dogs was part of a plea deal which helped him avoid an even longer incarceration which almost certainly would have ended his career. His actions subsequent to his release have been crafter to restore his reputation. Such is his right. It is also the right of others in society to question if that deal ever should have been made and if it reflects true justice. Not all animal lovers are on the left. Personally, I will never watch ANY broadcast in which Michael Vick may appear. That is MY right. While I don’t go as far as Tucker in believing that Vick’s offence achieved the standard of a capital one, I believe he received the preferential treatment so many celebrities receive from the justice system. It seems if you can throw a spiral, sink a three pointer, or strike a pose on the red carpet, you get breaks of which average offender can only dream. Where is the liberal indignation over this injustice?

However, Tucker’s comments were specifically focused on the President of the United States (yes Barak Obama is MY President too) picking up the phone and thanking the owner of the Eagles for hiring Vick. It seems that Obama still doesn’t realize that he is no longer a private citizen. By making such a call he is extending the praise of the American people. Praise for hiring the admitted killer of dogs in a way that is beyond belief. While I don’t agree Mr. Vick should have been given the ultimate penalty, I do believe he should be making license plates and not being praised for the fact he happens to throw great passes. By making that call President Obama has given the blessing of the Presidency to special treatment of celebrities which is one of the most visible and offensive blemishes on the American Judicial system. Instead of Liberal free speech we see Liberal hypocrisy.

So the Leftist voices in the media howl, the supporters of the President praise his belief in the ability an individual of great and special talent to redeem himself. Redemption for Vick would have been to have NOT gone back to the NFL when his suspension was over and to have taken a minimum wage job in an animal shelter voluntarily giving back to the true victims of his crime. Instead he gets presidential praise for simply abiding by the terms of the plea agreement his lawyer cut. And for that he gets presidential praise? Shame on you Mister President. As for Tucker Carlson, he is entitled to the same rights of free speech of any American. For this remark this one American says well done, someone had to stand up for the victims of this crime who cannot speak for themselves; the leftists clearly will not.

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