A Conservative's Musings on All Things Political

Reflections on American Politics and the Republican Party from a Libertarian Conservative Perspective

I have to admit; this past week I have become board with the media narrative that all the good republicans have dropped out of the race before it has even begun. While we can expect the Obama Cheer Squad in the media to run with negative predictions of the future of the Republican Party, today may be the day we look back and say the beginning of the end of the Obama Administration began. Republican former two term Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty officially entered the race with the theme of its Time for Truth. Pawlenty may well be the Lefts worst nightmare as the man who turned Minnesota, the only state Ronald Reagan did not win in 1984, into a red state in training. His message is optimistic while not denying the reality of our current situation. While there is a long campaign to go, T-Paw is the real deal and deserving of a serious look by all republicans.

Pawlenty has a solid record of applying conservative principles in a state that was as democratic as any in the nation. Some in this campaign are talking of great things while never having accomplished any; Tim Pawlenty has walked the talk, and that counts for a great deal. So the campaign had begun, and the choices we have to face are very real. If Governor Pawlenty maintains the tone he has struck so far, it will be one heck of a ride.

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