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Politics has been one of the loves of my life; I worked on my first campaign when I was 12 years old and appreciate the art of the race. I love to READ speeches; I love to watch political commercials. In modern society this is how a campaign communicates the message. While some are cynical about the political communication process, I find you can in fact tell a great deal about a candidate by the message they send and how they package it. To that end I ran across the most amazing political advertisement I have ever seen today when I was looking at Tim Pawlenty’s youtube postings. No, I’m not in the tank for T-Paw but not many political commercials leave me without words. Up to now Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” and “The Bear” held top spot with me. Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad from 1964 aired against Barry Goldwater may have been the most effective, but it was purely cynical which may have been a warning for what was to come from the Johnson Administration.

A couple months ago Pawlenty’s exploratory committee aired a video called “Courage to Stand” which is a spectacular combination of massage and visuals. If T-Paw can live up to this and communicate this effectively throughout the campaign, he is well on the way to the White House. For your viewing Pleasure here is “Courage to Stand”.

One thought on ““Courage to Stand”: An Amazing Political Ad

  1. I’m not a T-Paw fan, but this is a pretty darn good campaign ad.

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