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Astronaut John Young Saluting the Flag on the Surface of the Moon, April 1972

On this Independence Day we celebrate the freedoms we at times take for granted but always cherish and enjoy. We give thanks to all those who have stood up to defend America from the Revolutionary generation to those who stand in harm’s way today. America is the shining city on a hill which attracts all those within whom the fire of freedom burns bright. To one and all, have a totally red white and blue July 4th!

One thought on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Hank Pannell says:

    Hello Gordon, Thank you for the “follow” on twitter. I also have a small site on FreedomWorks I call THE RESPONSE An American Opinion Page. I am a work in progress, but I don’t QUIT!!! I would really like to hear the General opinion on the election,from a New York Point of view! Just how do NEW YORKERS feel about it? And, Is this the beginning of the END of Democrat Domain? I hear a lot about the TAX BASE and now the Tolls have became Outragious!! Is there any TEA PARTY activities in your area ,and, would they be well received? Regardless of the stories that you may have heard, We are down-to-earth AMERICANS that believe in lower taxes , smaller government , And the U.S. CONSTITUTION !!!

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