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It seems former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has joined the likes of former conservative Joe Scarborough and deciding he likes work in a Manhattan TV studio over running for elective office. Combined with the disastrous week Mitt Romney had where rather than putting the Romneycare issue to bed he has awakened a potentially deadly curse on his campaign. I suspect that the attention of may will now focus on Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. However I suspect the door is now opened for some of the second tier candidates such as Herman Cain, Rick Santorum or even a yet to be announced candidate such as Ruddy Giuliani to enter the race. However it plays out I suspect it’s not going to be boring!

3 thoughts on “Huck Ducks Out…..Now Who?

  1. It seems Mitch Daniels is likely the most interesting Republican candidate in the field should he declare his candidacy any time soon.

    1. Daniels is now the elephant in the room (pun intended) but I do wonder if the door is open for a new name. I have seen Daniels speak and his message is tight, but he is no Ronald Reagan in front of the camera.

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